Adventures in spontaneity

Went to K-Town this afternoon. My parents-in-law were going, and Middlest had said she wanted to go, and I had thought about going with. But then a bunch of stuff happened between then and last night, and it kind of fell off my radar. So last minute I decided that I wouldn’t go after all (before being reminded about Middlest going).

With three kids who are often a handful, it’s easy for my wife and I to default to staying home with the kids. But last night, my wife had second thoughts about defaulting to no, this time.

So, after checking this morning when it would be too late to change our mind, we decided we would go after all.

The church in K-Town has a Deacon who’s going to be ordained a Priest, soon, and our church will transfer to be under his care. So right now, that church is in the middle of getting their new church building physically ready, and we were there for choir practice this afternoon, learning a bunch of new songs, some for the Bishop being here, and some for the Ordination.

It was fun practicing the songs. In our church, we’re often split pretty evenly Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass. Well, one Tenor, and the rest of us have 2 each. At the practice, most of us were Basses, which made it easier to hear all them. A few times, I had to stick my finger in my ear to try and hear if I was hitting the notes well. Sometimes, I think I was fine, other parts I was pretty sure I was messing up, and the rest of it? Live in hope, I guess :)

Some of the tunes were more straightforward, some were pretty complicated, or seemed more so because they were fast, and a few threw a foreign language into the mix.

At Transfiguration, we don’t often have services with a priest. Sometimes we go to K-Town and they sometimes do, sometimes we go to Zoo-town, and they’ve had a full-time one for a couple of years. Preparing for a service where multiple clergy are going to be part of the service, with just the soon-to-be priest to guide us through the preparation (at this point, anyway)… I’m having  a kind of weird feeling about that, that I’m having a hard time trying to describe. Maybe it’s just a being-on-the-outskirts thing.

Anyway, having decided not to go, I ended up being glad I went. Gave the songs a go. Hope I wasn’t too disruptive when I wasn’t managing the notes or the timing.

On the way home, we had milkshakes. I don’t really consider myself much a one for milkshakes, and was a bit hesitant, but I’m glad I had one, for the most part it acted like soft ice cream (not even wanting to come through the straw til I was pretty much at the end). I think I would have more readily gone for something with bits, but I was happy with what I had (and am also trying out this “trying not to be too much of an asshole” thing, less successfully than I would like).

Wife decided she didn’t want the milkshake (would have gone for something with bits, wasn’t an asshole about it [after what I said in the last paragraph, thought I’d better qualify]), then closer to home she got offered a Blizzard (yum yum, and she let me have a bite :) )

Yay bits. Go with bits.