A New Year, A New Start

So I’ve taken a little break from blogging since the night before Christmas, and today is the day I start back.

I am also starting to make an extra effort to bring the website that I’ve been doing research for, kicking and screaming into reality. It’s really time to bite the mullet on this one. I’ve been gathering various parts for this one for a long time, but without the work being out in the wild, it doesn’t outwardly look like I’ve done very much. So today I bought the domain, I bought some hosting, and I transferred some money from the Old Country (England, of course) to America to cover it.

It may have been easier to have paid straight from the English account, but the hosting I got would have added $35 just for EU VAT (“value siphoning tax”), and it looked like the transaction was still in dollars, so chances are that the bank would have slapped some extra currency conversion charge on top.

No point paying money that I don’t have to. I used TransferWise, which I discovered a long time ago (probably via moneysavingexpert.com), which charged a pound to send the money (covering 3 years domain name and hosting), using mid-market rates (the kind of exchange rate you see on xe.com/ucc, and you never get that good a deal with your bank).

There is a podcast I listen to regularly*, and the host has an adage that he repeats from time to time, which would seem to be embodied in this case. “Money goes where it’s treated well.” Is my money better treated with a tiny part going to TransferWise, or with a larger proportion being skimmed by banks and taxes? I’m in a position where I’m able to make this decision without any obligation to the EU.

Incidentally, between the time I last had to transfer money, and this time, a friend of mine was in some ads for TransferWise. Seen a photo of him on the London Underground, underneath his picture on the advert. Funny old world.

I won’t say anything about the new site right now. I’m looking forward to it, of course, and there have been some vague hints in my writing so far. I’ll say more when there’s actually a site to look at.

So, yes, in wording slightly different from the title of this entry, new year and new beginnings.

Let’s see where we end up this time in 2017! Potential for a lot to happen.

*I say “regularly”, but, like all the other podcasts I listen to, I download frequently, then binge-listen.

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