About Me

My name is Mark, and I’m an alien. I’m a legal alien: I’m an Englishman in… one of the northern States in the USA. Not New York. Anyway, that’s the Limey part.

The Frog part you might think implies a French connection. Not so. A long time ago, on hunting for my first email address at Hotmail, the first name I tried that didn’t require a number after it, had the word “frog” in it, and I’ve stuck with that theme as part of my online identity, ever since then.

I have a wife, and we have three kids.

Initially intended to chronicle my efforts in site development, I usually write about other things. Progress is so incremental that sticking with the original intent would be very boring.

I write every day, it is very rare for me to skip a day. Subjects vary wildly, so if you don’t like one day, there’s plenty of others that may be more to your taste.

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