Mushrooms sprouting

Adventures in Mushrooms: First Sprouts

I have been attempting to grow mushrooms in coffee grounds, in 1-gallon ice cream tubs.

The ones in this tub are Oyster mushrooms. A neighbour gave me a bit of her spawn. If I kept the right lid with the tub, the label says this is the second Oyster tub I started. I started them in different places before moving them all to the shelf I built, so maybe this got a bit of an advantage.

The whole tub

This tub looks a bit like an alien landscape, doesn’t it? Or possibly like it’s covered in marshmallow or meringue. It’s been looking like this for a while. I took a big scoop out of this one a couple of weeks ago, to get the next tub started. That white crust was only around the outside, and round the edge there it’s very thin, and I filled the hole in with more coffee grounds and stirred the tub a bit. It didn’t take long to look just like this again.

That tub I mentioned that I started a couple of weeks ago, I decided was finished today – you can see that hiding in the top-right of this picture.

I brought that tub and a new tub out, and grabbed this tub to start the empty one – and I was surprised to see that the mushrooms had started to sprout. I used some of the just-finished tub to start the new one (enough mycelium seemed to have spread to do that).

One thing I’ve noticed – when I water the mushrooms, the water that stays on the surface soon turns red. I’m not sure if that’s down to the coffee or the fungus. Then when there’s less water left on the surface, it’s more a yellow colour. And when the top is drier, there doesn’t seem to be red or yellow residue left on the top.


Ees so leetle!

You see a little bit of the yellow here. And look at the mushrooms, they’re so little!


Alien landscape mushrooms

And this shot of the other bunch looks more like an alien landscape.

The lid says I started this one on the 11th of May (the first one I was ultra-specific and said “early May”). It’s the 14th of July, so that’s just over 2 months for them to start sprouting.

This experiment seems to be working out. I’m feeling rather encouraged.

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