Adventures In Mushrooms – first wastage and general update

I have been attempting to grow mushrooms in coffee grounds. I had a couple of one-gallon tubs on the go with white mushrooms from the store, and some with oyster mushrooms from spore.

Today I had to throw away the white mushrooms, for three reasons.

1: There was no sign of any mushrooms growing. Not even the fungal root structure (mycelium).

2: They were starting to smell bad.

3: They were growing something, but not something I wanted. Attempting to say it delicately, they were growing fly larvae. Yuk.

I found a place to dump those, and I rinsed them out good and proper with the hose, and wiped out any remaining bits of coffee. Those tubs will be washed, and hopefully I something I intend to grow, will show up next time.

This leaves me four tubs outside, and one in, but nearly full enough to move out.

The first oyster spore tub I think is doing great. It has funal mass growing all over the top and all round the sides. I used some scoops from this to start the most recent tub, stirred it up and added a few new coffee grounds into it to make up the lost mass, and it’s looking just like it was before. Hopefully, we’ll get some actual mushrooms out of this.

The second remaining tub is also from oyser mushroom spore. It’s coming along more slowly, but after stirring it up, it looks like it’s making progress.

The third tub, is definitely oyster, I think I used up the last of the spore on this, but it may have been scoops from the first tub, the mycelium is definitely spreading.

The fourth tub out there was St George mushroom, but I think I took too long planting it, and I suspect it may end up going the way of the first two tubs.

The inside tub was oyster mushrooms, a few scoops taken from the first tub and mixed in with a few new grounds. I took a bunch of filters out of it today – I’d waited a bit too long, and had to leave 3 in there, but I tried to mix them up good – the mycelium was growing through the filters. Mixed that up, it’s almost time to start a new a new tub inside.

So, today felt like a bit of a setback, but I’m hoping that white fungal crust will suddenly start springing up and giving me Food.

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