Adventures in Mushrooms: Growth and Stagnation

A week ago, I posted some pictures showing the first sign of actual mushrooms growing in any of my mushroom tubs.

As this is  my first time doing this, I’m not quite sure what I should be expecting. Still an experiment, so this is the documentation.

Here’s a picture from last week’s post:

Ees so leetle!

The other places I’ve heard about growing mushrooms in coffee grounds, one suggested 5 gallon buckets, another place did them in 2 gallon containers. I’m doing them in 1 gallon ice cream tubs, I don’t know if size affects results.

Considering last week’s pictures as “Day 1″ (of actual mushrooms), here’s Day 2:

Mushrooms, day 2

In just a day, they went significantly past the top of the tub. Cool!

Day 3:

Mushrooms, day 3

I think the growth has slowed, at this point, and it’s not just the light: they have gotten a little darker.

Day 4:

Mushrooms, day 4

Not really a whole lot different. I don’t remember what days I gave them water, I tended to go by if I could still see water if I tilted the tub. And sometimes it depended on whether I had much space for outside time, during the day.

Day 7, yesterday:

Mushrooms, day 7

Here, it seems that maybe they’ve even gone a bit darker, but haven’t grown very much at all. Even the smaller ones don’t seem to have tried very hard to get to the size of the bigger ones.

Not knowing what to expect, of course, one wonders what will happen. One did rather hope that the tub would become full of mushrooms.

The mushrooms here seem to have grown in the part where there are gaps in the crust. You can see through the tub here, but not so much from the top of the picture, that I dug in to the tub with a trowel, to break up the crust away from the mushrooms.

In real life, these cuts are visible from the top, brown gaps between white islands. Today (didn’t get a picture), I saw the white fungus already start creeping in to those brown gaps.

Hope I get more mushrooms.

I pretty much drowned the tub with water, today.

I do wonder how big these mushrooms are suppose to grow. I had it in my head that they were probably supposed to grow bigger than that.

One of the other tubs in particular, is now starting to get a white surface.

I hope to one day know what I’m doing.

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