Adventures in Mushrooms – the unintentional

A while ago, I listened to an episode of The Survival Podcast about mushroom cultivation – Episode 1326 – Peter McCoy on Mushroom Cultivation via Radical Mycology – and in that episode an easy way of growing mushrooms was suggested: growing them in coffee grounds.

Right now I have 6-and-a-bit 1-gallon ice cream tubs on the go, all with coffee grounds and mushrooms of one type or another, and only one is making a serious effort at looking promising. And that one has lots of fungus, but nothing looking like the classic mushroom shape just yet.

Today’s post isn’t about that. In our new raised beds, we have some volunteer mushrooms that have shown up in a couple of spots. We’re not entirely sure where they came from, I think we’re currently taking their presence as a sign of good soil health.

We have two patches of this stuff:

mushroom growing wild in our garden

I tried searching online for mushrooms that looked like this, but I didn’t get any results that I was happy with.

Mother-in-law thinks they’re poisonous. She’s probably right. And even if she isn’t, it’s best to assume they are if you’re not sure.

Near one of these patches, another, closer-to-traditional-looking mushroom has appeared, and compared to these things that stick close to the ground, it’s pretty tall. How-did-we-not-notice-it-when-we-noticed-the-others tall. And it’s also probably poisonous.

Hope my on-purpose, edible mushrooms decide to Do Something soon.

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