Adventures In Weaving: The Current State Of Things

Most weeks, I take a day to go up to the mountain (my grandmother-in-law’s house) to do weaving. I’ve had fun with the projects I’ve done so far, though of course they can take rather a long time to complete.

Today, I was actually working on an older project, where the shuttle had missed some warp threads and at the time I didn’t bother to fix it. Obviously, that was a big mistake. So, too, was attempting to make tea towels out of a material that won’t handle that sort of material very well. Did I say tea towels? No, they’re some interesting wall hangings. It was an attempt at krokbradt (a quick search yields examples here), and I’m not sure it was entirely successful. Possibly, again, the wrong kind of yarn, but you live and learn.

Anyway, the “fixing the mistakes” project has taken a few months, but I think that I finished the last one today. I tie a thin thread on one of the ends of the yarn, and undo the weft, but the thread is there to keep track of where it goes. When I reach the skip in the weaving, I can undo the knot, fix the mistake with a needle, and then retie the knot and rethread the woven part that I undid.

I had quite a few of these to do, and some were deeper into the pattern than others. Now all(!) that needs doing, is stitching all the weft ends down into the sides.

I actually have a project on the loom, that has been there far too long. There are scarf-y things that are tubular, so that you can wear them as a hood. I think these are usually knitted, but I tried weaving some. The first one or two came off the loom, and they weren’t terrible, but they were too bunchy around the neck. OK, so a little bit terrible. I ran out of the yarn I was using, hence switching to the fixing project (I’ve since bought some more), and I have a plan. After a bunch of experimenting with pattern (I wasn’t happy with the angle of the first stripe), I ended up with a pattern where one colour was used twice as much as the other. I think if I keep the 2:1 on the back, and go to 1:1 on the front, it’ll tend to curve for the hood part, and be less bulky around the front of the neck.

We’ll see how it goes.

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