Adventures in Windows 10 – The Start Menu

In giving Windows 10 a go, I browsed the App Store for some free games. Also, given that I’m part of the Insider Program, I looked into the Insider Hub to see what was there. They have Quests, which are basically “try out new features, then give feedback”. Which, conscientiously, I ought to do.

The Quest I tried was to investigate the Start Menu. Being used to 95, 98, ME, 98, 98SE, XP for years and years, and Vista for a while, I’m comfortable with the old-style Start Menu. Windows 8’s Metro Screen, which some people in the house are running, I plain don’t like. Windows 10 has a hybrid of both Start and Metro, the latter initially taking up about twice the space, but with settings you can make the Metro part full-screen if you want to.


Windows 10 Start Menu

(I clipped off the very top of the Start Menu, which has my name. The first Metro section is headed “Life at a glance”, the second “Play and Explore”.

Generally, I just ignore the Metro part.

Just now writing this, I right-clicked on the Windows logo which passes for a Start button, here’s what I found:

context menu from right-clicking on Start in Windows 10

Well that’s some pretty useful stuff there. I mean, I actually use that stuff. That’s actually a pretty nice change.

Yesterday I noticed another neat feature. At the bottom of the main Start Menu screenshot earlier, there’s the All Apps button (similar to in Vista, where you’re shown your recent programs and then there’s the “All Programs” button).

These have been streamlined, too: most stuff isn’t in folders anymore, it’s just all listed alphabetically. Some things are still foldered, there’s a downward arrow next to it to let you know.

How folders are handled in the Start Menu

I mentioned at the beginning of the post about trying out a few free games in the App Store. Well, some of those I decided I didn’t want any more, after a quick test. Before I seriously thought of hunting for whatever they call “Add/Remove Programs” this time round, I right-clicked on one of the programs in the Start Menu.

Uninstall from the Start Menu

You can do it right from the Start Menu.

I didn’t expect to be this impressed with Windows 10, but I really like how they’ve streamlined all this stuff.

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