Adventures In Windows 10: Update to Build 10162

Switched to the Fast Track of Insider testing a day or two ago. Fast means trying out some of the new features earlier than the Slow track, which presumably is more refined and stable. But it takes a little bit of time for the update stream to catch up.

First of all, the upgrade went pretty smoothly: once it had downloaded the upgrade, I had to restart, as you would expect. Then there was a screen that I couldn’t capture (not being in Windows for the Print Screen button to work), but was pretty cool.

At the top there was a “Windows is upgrading” notice. Taking up most of the screen, there was a big circle, with the progress percentage showing in the middle, and the border of the circle turned blue from 12 o’clock round in a clockwise direction, indicating the progress in a different way.

Along the bottom of the screen there were three sets of text, the first to do with the moving of files, the second to do with drivers and settings, and I think the third to do with applications. And those had their own progress percentages counting up. Looked pretty neat.

The former build I was running configured a PIN to enter on each logon, instead of one’s password. Disappointingly, that’s gone. My password is longer than four digits…

The other thing that’s obviously missing, I can’t find the Insider Hub any more. This listed various things to try, to see how you like the new features. I just can’t find it now.

I overloaded Windows 10’s browser (then “Project Spartan”) a few days ago, and it only loaded one time after that. Now it’s “Microsoft Edge”, and appears to be working. Not using it that much, though.

I also noticed that the App Store is no longer “Store (Beta)”, but “Store”. Gearing up for release day?

Long week ahead for me, too: time to go impose some rest on this day of rest (some of the rest so far has been more in the direction of “theoretical”).

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