An Extra Game

Tonight, Oldest was given the option of playing a game with my wife and myself. He voted for Catan, and I voted for Ticket To Ride. My wife had the deciding vote.

So we introduced Oldest to Ticket To Ride Europe. I helped him initially with choosing the routes to keep. He did surprisingly well throughout the game.

My long route fit fairly well with my two shorter routes. The France/Germany area was busiest right at the beginning of the game, so I took to saving up blue and yellow for my London-Berlin route, and yellow, white and a bit of red I needed for other portions. The colours I needed were rather reluctant to show up when I was drawing train cards.

Meanwhile, my wife started building up in the Russia/Turkey area, where I also needed to build up, and both wife and Oldest were managing to build up where they needed to go.

Wife managed to build mostly one long route, with a couple of short offshoots, getting the Longest Road card.

Oldest actually drew more Route cards, and managed to complete them all. He had a lot of short sections, so had more sections of track than everybody else.

Wife managed to use all her plastic trains.

I was the only one not to complete a route: I had all the cards I needed, but needed three more turns to build them. the route I failed to complete, was of course the Really Long One, so instead of getting me lots of points, lost me them instead.

I ended on 77 points, Oldest on 116, a close second to his mother who finished at 132 points.

The good news is that Oldest enjoyed the game, so might be convinced to play it again. The tricky part is keeping Youngest out of it all…

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