And So To Bed

Not so much a review as a little look, there’s a video series that I became acquainted with, when my children were given the DVD. The show is called “And So To Bed…“, a children’s series that attempts to give you a bedtime routine to help get your kids to bed and to sleep.

Starting with the not-so-positive side, the DVD didn’t work, and the Contact Us button on their website didn’t work either, so I can’t get the issue corrected.

Fortunately, that’s not the end of the story. The videos are available to watch through their site (linked above). Well, that’s the intent at least, 3 of the 4 flash up an error from YouTube, and you have to click through and watch them on the YouTube site. As there didn’t seem to be much on the DVDs that’s not just in those 4 YouTube videos, so I watched some with the kids on YouTube, and downloaded them all just in case.

The present was for the most part intended for Youngest, with Oldest and Middlest getting a bit of overlap from watching him.

I think the shows are the biggest hit with Middlest, so far, though Oldest does like them, too (and sometimes asks if I know the songs, if I’m singing along).

It can be tricky to analyse when Youngest likes something for himself, and when he’s more into it because the other kids are enjoying it. For example, I’ve been watching the old Thunderbirds TV show with all the kids, and Youngest sits through that. It could be because Oldest really likes it. While Oldest and Middlest were occupied the other day, I watched 3 episodes of the new Thunderbirds Are Go! show with Youngest, and he was less interested, needing distracted with toys, or wanting to go upstairs, or to the laundry room, or to have his nappy changed… He was running tired, though, so slept through most of the third episode.

So I watched about one-and-a-half episodes of And So To Bed with Youngest this evening, he seemed to be getting into the relaxing, but the Story Time segment wasn’t his thing, so even when I offered to skip it in the second episode, i got there a bit too late, and he ran away to play with his cars.

One thing I noticed, the theme tune introduces you to a few puppet characters, so far (I guess we’ve watched three of the four episodes, now) only one of them seems to be of any significance. . Moo Cow is in most of the segments, and is talked to, and the others show up from time to time, but not mentioned, or talked to, just present. That seemed curious, but not really a black mark against it or anything.

So, it seems to have a thumbs-up from the kids, and overall a thumbs-up from me, too (and I like Story Time with Grandpa Simon, even if Youngest isn’t into it yet). Also, I got Middlest to sleep with it, one night. Look forward to seeing more output from this outfit.

If your kids need a gradually-calming distraction to help them settle, it’s worth checking out.

Link to first episode on YouTube

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