FF Violin

I have mentioned before, more than once, being rather fond of Final Fantasy music. Of course hearing some when I played the games, downloaded some MIDIs that I used to listen to on my phone, back when I had one. Listened to a bunch of different arrangements: the Distant Worlds orchestral series for one, various piano arrangements (the official Piano Arrangements, various YouTubers).

Last night I was watching more arrangements on YouTube, I found a complicated solo piano version of the battle theme from IX, and another of The Man With The Machine Gun from VIII (Oldest’s favourite). I stumbled upon a series of Related videos, which were tracks from a series of albums called “FF Violin”.

A violin or two are the featured instruments, but there are other instruments on the tracks as well.

Contrasting with PS1 music/MIDI, piano and full orchestra, these violin tracks have something of a different character about them. Which makes sense. And again, it’s another set of music that I could just listen to all day (and I did for a pretty big chunk of today).

The musicians behind these tracks made 5 albums, but they’re only available in Japan (well, you can import them, but like other Japanese CDs they’re rather expensive that way).

Playlist here,  includes all the first album, most of the third, some of the second, and one video containing the whole of the fifth. Here‘s a video of the second, and here‘s one of the fourth.

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