I’ve never really liked forms at the best of times, there’s something about the rigidity of them when the question cannot be answered in the manner asked.

And that’s more true when living abroad.

Of course, you can’t fault the forms in the host country being geared towards people from that country. You kind of laugh at them when they say things like “We do not discriminate on the basis of…. national origin.”

The biggest pain in that regard is the educational systems are different. A-Levels being roughly equivalent to Associate’s Degrees or Advanced Placement, depending who you ask.

Addresses and phone numbers being entirely different formatting, of course.

The most annoying one I have to deal with is forms that only take one middle name (basically the forms where it Really Matters, like bank accounts, Social Security cards and the like) when I have more than one.

One of those parts of life that I find less fun.

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