Today, I started writing a to-do list, which was a depressingly large amount of Things I Haven’t Got Around To Yet. I didn’t finish it.

Tonight, I started writing a post about the things on the list, and I haven’t finished that, either.

I managed to do some work on the data-gathering part of my site development, but not on the content-production part, which would bring me closer to a functional (and hopefully revenue-generating) site.

A job came up on the job site that I could actually do, but at hours that would remove me from the weekday family mealtimes, and the weekly evening service. On the other hand, money. At what point do I become less picky? I was asked. At some point I must, and probably soon. Income is kind of necessary.

At the same time, it’s discouraging. I feel like I should have the site up and running and bringing in money by now, and I’m not coping very well with not being able to devote the required brainspace to it.

I could put the site I’ve been developing onto the backburner again, and retool to a subject that requires less concentration, which might be better for sanity. The one that springs to mind, is going to take a bunch of thinking to figure out revenue streams. I have the template in mind, but the content there is work, too.

Decisions, I guess. And what’s the best one for now?

Sleep on it.

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