The First Post

Welcome to my first post on I have several projects going, several “irons in the fire” as it were, and through what I’ve been doing so far, I’ve thought it would be fun to document some of it. I like writing anyway, so this seemed like it would be a good way to scratch that itch (or vice-versa, in some dialects).

If you come across this post at some time in the distant future (from the perspective of when this post was written, of course, because unless something goes terribly, terribly wrong, that far distant future will be “the present”, when it happens), I hope that I’ve kept up with this enough that you’ve trawled through hundreds and hundreds of posts to reach this one. I hope it was worth it.

Alternatively, if you come across this blog in its early days, I hope you stick around, and that sticking around is worth it, too :)

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