Memoria: A Melancholy Tribute To Final Fantasy IX

Here, have the album on while you read this:

A few weeks ago, I happened to have some MP3/video/ebook credit on Amazon, due to choosing No-Rush Shipping for a few things. Determined not to let it expire this time, I went looking around the music.

The problem is, if there’s a CD, then I’d rather have that and rip it to hard drive, than just have the files. Same with movies and DVDs – only then it seems more critical because you never know how long Amazon (or the like) will have that item available for streaming.

Getting nowhere slowly with just browsing the selection, on the off-chance I did a search for Final Fantasy. I’ve been playing the series since I got IX when it was pretty new (my PlayStation was second-hand, though, and still works fine). A few years earlier, a friend of mine had raved about how good Final Fantasy VII was. Now I own I-IX (III on DS, the rest on PlayStation).

I played VIII and IX most heavily at the time, I have now finished those and VI. I’m a way into VII now, but just haven’t been playing it much.

I’ve liked the music all the time, had a bunch of MIDIs from VIII and IX, which I listened to a lot on my phone. More recently, I’ve discovered the Distant Worlds series of CDs (plus others that are harder to get on CD over here – until recently, GrooveShark was my friend in that regard).

Among the Amazon results, were some albums by “TPR” – “Memoria: A Melancholy Tribute To Final Fantasy IX”, “Fragments Of Memories: A Melancholy Tribute To Final Fantasy VIII”, and some others. VII and X.

I did a search for these albums elsewhere, and found they came from a YouTube channel that had the tracks separately, but also videos of the full albums. Yay for Try Before You Buy!

The tracks are well-played, they sound great. Some of them are very close to the originals, some have been rearranged to fit the style. I’ve got to say, it all works. And the track selection was great – the opening track, “Terra”, is a tune I’ve particularly liked over the years, and it’s not one you encounter much on albums and collections.

The only problem with the album is that I wish the last track, “You’re Not Alone” (one of the most popular FFIX tracks) would go on a whole lot longer.

“Leave ’em wanting more”, as the ancient Chinese proverb goes.*

Music has a few particular uses in our house. Obviously there’s what someone listens to on their own, but the other main place is to have on in the background at mealtimes. We have lots of music that fails that particular test, but this album seemed to go over well, and pass that test. Even before the next paragraph.

This moment in our lives, shall we say, is a good time for some melancholy music. That’s why I write about this today, while I was thinking about what to write about, and other stuff going on at the moment, I was humming some of the tracks from this album. Rose Of May, Steiner’s Theme.

If you’ve got some tough stuff you’re going through in your life, remember: “You’re Not Alone“.

The album can be found on Amazon here. And yes, I did spend that credit on this album.

*Probably not Chinese.

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