Mushroom Shelf Cover

A few weeks ago, I moved my mushroom-growing project to a different part of the back yard. While I did that, I changed the boards I was using for the shelves, so the cover I was using to keep the sun off them was not wide enough, anymore.

I found a big board that was by the side of the garage. On its side, it is almost tall enough to shelter the shelves. On its side, it was also far too wide. It caught the wind a couple of times, and fell over. My uncle-in-law offered to cut it for me, if I do the measuring and marking.

So it’s been waiting for me to go out there and do that, basically since I put it up. The offer was open “until it snows”.

It’s one of those “added to the list” things that’s been hanging over me. Not a big job, but one of those things it’s easier to do, if one escapes from the kids for a few minutes

When offered some time to get something done today, I chose this. It doesn’t take very long, and once it’s done, it shouldn’t reappear on the to-do list. So I measured and marked it, and uncle cut it, and I stood it back up. Looks like I did the line at close enough to a right angle, it stands up and doesn’t look like it leans over. It’s shading the shelves very nicely. At the angle it’s at, it’s comfortably below the window. At the suggestion of my uncle, I shored it up with a couple of dense planks (I say planks, they might not be wood, and they’re not particularly long, but hopefully they’ll be enough to help keep the board up in the wind).

Today’s the day where I’m out for a big chunk of it, so I don’t expect to get much done at all at home on a Tuesday. It’s nice to have something accomplished.

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