New TV Seasons Starting

It’s the time of year when some TV shows are going away, perhaps never to return, and other TV shows are returning, or premiering.

In our modern-ness, we aren’t connected to cable, satellite or regular TV stations, we watch shows on DVD, regular free Hulu, or Amazon Prime. This tends to serve us. The last season of Warehouse 13 never showed up on Hulu, and it’s not free on Prime, so either one day we’ll get the DVD, or we won’t. Same with Drop Dead Diva. Sometimes being cut off shows you which shows you like.

So what shows am I looking forward to, this new season?

Doctor Who has just started, I’m looking forward to getting my grubby little protuberances* on that. Or, perhaps more likely, begging someone to let us come over and crash and watch it at their. Boo! lack of iplayer in the lands of the expats!

Starting in just over a week is Agents Of SHIELD, which kicked off midway through Season 1, when the effects of Captain America: The Winter Soldier meant it could stop treading water. And it’s been pretty good since then, through Season 2. Haven’t watched the previews for Season 3, but I’m hopeful.

And then, of course, Agent Carter, when SHIELD takes its mid-season break. Carter’s first season was really good.

Starting towards the middle of next month is the second season of Manhattan. The first season was really tense edge-of-seat stuff. That kind of paranoia and high-stakes secrecy took its toll on different characters in different ways, and the realisation in the second half of the season that the things you see from the perspective of a character, aren’t necessarily the truth of the matter, that was a nice twist. And they left it on quite the cliffhanger, as well.

Those are the shows I think I’ll be finding time for, this season.

What about you? What are you looking forward to? Post a comment!

*”grubby little protuberances”: 7th Doctor, Remembrance Of The Daleks.

2 thoughts on “New TV Seasons Starting”

    1. Oh yes, they did! I found out about that earlier today, and was surprised and pleased to find out!
      Is it too much to hope for that they’ll do the rest of the season as well?

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