Personality Types

Not being a big fan of forms or tests, personality tests are very Not My Thing. There usually ends up being some stupid question where none of the options are particularly me.

“Which of these two options is more you, Option A which is totally not you, or Option 2 which is totally not you. This will help us determine what kind of personality you have.” Oh, I can tell you – I’m the kind of personality that’s done with these questions.

If you happen to be like me in this regard, then let me help you.

Each personality type is described using four letters, one from each of these sections in order:
I vs E (except after C)
S or N
F or T
J v P

I’ve done the test, but I don’t remember what I got labelled as. So I’m rather fond of four-letter abbreviations for potential use if the question comes up.

I’m into movies, so I might be IMDB.
I’m not into sports, so I’m not ESPN.
IOCC is the charity I chose on Amazon Smile.

If you’re so outside the box that four-letter abbreviations starting with I or E aren’t enough for you, then options widen considerably.

I like FFIX
I’m starting to use HDMI
USPS keep bringing me things (usually after I’ve been busy on Amazon).
I didn’t go to university, but it could very well be that UCLA is a personality type all of its own.
I don’t think these are me, but you might identify with GMTV, CITV or CBBC.
If your into history, SPQR might suit you.

I do have a reputation, however, and perhaps the best four letters for me would be FOOD. I know I’d like some…

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