Placing The TV

Perhaps you’ve been following the saga of the TV, which is kind of an extension of the saga of trying to get Blu-Ray to work.

Short version: Got Blu-Rays, DVD player in my computer died, got a Blu-Ray player that works fine, but free software doesn’t play Blu-Rays very easily, because [judgmental comment about Blu-Ray publishers redacted]. Got given a standalone Blu-Ray player, projector didn’t have HDMI. HDMI to VGA cable didn’t give a picture on projector. Picked up an allegedly intermittent 55″ TV from a thrift store for $5, but so far so good with that. Needed somewhere to put this monster TV.

The thought was that we could put it above the basement fireplace. With the stand, the TV was too tall to fit on the mantle, and while there were some thoughts as to how to mount it on/above the mantle, there were some issues that made it tricky. It would basically have to lean against something, which wasn’t ideal, that something would have to be created, which wasn’t easy, plus chaining it to the ceiling just in case, and putting something on the mantle to make sure the TV didn’t slip off was mind-boggling because whatever it’s made of wouldn’t be happy with any plan of that nature.

Browsing Amazon one day, I found a wall mount, which itself wasn’t the best idea because it would have to mount on brick in that location. Sent the link to it to mother-in-law anyway, she fired back a link to a ceiling mount she found while looking at the wall mount.

The ceiling mount could attach straight up onto a ceiling, or at a 90° angle onto a beam. There is a beam up there…

I chipped in towards the mount, which was cheaper than the wall mount I found, anyway.

It arrived Wednesday, and my uncle-in-law cut through some plaster in the ceiling, to get to the beam. Which turned out to be not quite big enough. The next day he stuck some boards together to attach to the beam, which the ceiling mount would then attach on to. I lent the occasional arm to hold it in place while he attached it, and then attached the mount to it.

We put the TV up Thursday night, using a lot of brute strength. First time was fairly awkward, but we got it. Then we had to take it down, because the parts of the mount on the back of the TV had accidentally been put in the wrong way round, so the adjustment screws were unreachable. Putting it up the second time was a lot easier.

The adjustment screws wouldn’t tighten, though, and the TV gradually tilted more and more. Not dangerously, but not convenient, either. The pole part of the mount is in two parts, so telescopic. So today we lowered it, thinking that we could remove the TV that way to fix the tilt adjustment, now that we knew how we wanted it. Turns out, it telescopes quite far, and the TV was sitting on the fireplace, while the pole could extend a bit further. No taking it off that way.

While it was down, I could reach down the back of the TV with a spanner (US: wrench), to hold the nut in place while the screws were tightened. Bit awkward, and the wrench didn’t really get a lot of leeway, but uncle-in-law tightened the four upper screws that way (I was only needed for two, the other two didn’t have nuts), then we awkwardly raised the TV back to position. There were two more screws that needed doing, that could only be reached from underneath. I tried using a flashlight and looking, but in the end it was easier to go by feeling. Fortunately that worked, so the TV is now stuck in place.

We hooked it up to the Blu-Ray player, and proved we hadn’t broken the TV by watching the nearest Blu-Ray to hand (which happened to be The LEGO Movie). I’d played a bit of the movie up here when we were testing the TV and Blu-Ray together. The player remembers your place in the disc. So setting it up Thursday night, I called the kids over to see, and the disc resumed right before the song which was appropriate to the moment: Everything Is Awesome. We watched a chunk of the movie then, but then the kids had to go to bed. So tonight, proving we hadn’t broken it this time, the rest of the movie was watched.

So far, so good.

The mount advertised itself as coming with an HDMI cable. Which it did. And it came with a spirit level, a keyring flashlight, some cable ties. I claimed the keyring flashlight because I keep borrowing flashlight from kids, and haven’t got round to getting my own. Uncle-in-law claimed the spirit level. I think everyone’s happy.

Here’s the link to the mount. Strong, sturdy, comes with useful extra stuff.

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