Project Update: Putting Some Focus On Content

I tried a new thing this morning. There’s a project I’ve been working on that I’m intending to turn into a new site. I have been gathering data for it, on and off, for a while. Ultimately, the project is pretty ambitious: attempting to organise a rather disorganised field.

What I haven’t really been doing so far, is to turn the gathered data into content. One particular subsection of the data can be presented a particular way, and I’ve spent some time figuring out the presentation there. And after some prompting by my wife, I had a brainwave about how to arrange the presentation of some of the data. I wrote a bit about it in my entry “Solidifying A Site Concept“.

Today, I had a go at turning some of the data into real content. This was swiftly complicated by finding out that the data I’d gathered for the first entry was rather lacking in some areas.

The intent for the other site is to do a post a day, much like I do here, though I think I’d skip weekends there. Didn’t manage the entire post today, but I did find a resource that will help me with a bunch of future posts, and potentially even other types of content that I have planned.

Hoping not to sound too excuse-y, but of course there were points where I was up and around to look after/help/chase kids, and points where one of them was occupying my lap, a state which I haven’t managed to make work with working. Enforced breaks, though, not bad. And concentration got progressively more difficult throughout the afternoon, eventually I needed to go and take a nap.

I think this step towards content was a good one. I imagine that I’m just needing to get into the swing of things, then a post a day at the other place will be achievable. Just keep plugging away on this post, see how long it takes, then move on to the next one. And, though inconvenient, sources of information that don’t attribute well enough, can be a good thing. The research will make my site better than the alternatives.

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