Review: EDYL – The Reading Department

You might be starting to suspect, by now, that I am somewhat partial to the science-fiction genre. A lot of the audiobooks I’ve listened to in the binge during the reading program, have fallen into this genre.

Well, you’d be right. Science-fiction is rather a large umbrella term for stories,  which usually overlap at least one other genre. Crime, Horror, Comedy, and many more. And just by adding some elements, technological or otherwise, that secondary genre can be substantially expanded.

EDYL – The Reading Department, by Mark Capell, overlaps slightly with the “Spy” genre. Set on Earth in 2046, Jake Radley is about to embark on a new career – but he can’t know what it is until after he’s committed to doing it. After that, the training doesn’t really give him any clues, either.

While this is going on, society-at-large is being filled in for us.

Mr Capell creates an interesting world in the short running time of The Reading Department, with uncertainty on both the societal and the personal level.

I enjoyed it, enough that I don’t want to talk too much about it, so I don’t spoil anything.

The Reading Department ends in a way that you rather want to know What Happens Next, like it’s Part 1 of a series. Technically it is Part 1 of a series, with EDYL – Island Of Immortality available on Kindle. Island Of Immortality, however, is set 71 years later, so we might not find out the rest of Jake’s story.

Still, the possibilities that are left dangling to us, may be a better choice than a direct continuation of the story.

Thumbs up from me.

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