Review: The Long Way Home/No Future For You

Today, I started AND finished three books, as well as finished an audiobook I started yesterday, and listened to more than half of today.

Perhaps it’s not fair to compare the books I read in their entirety today, with other books I’m in the middle of: Five Go Adventuring Again is a kids’ book, and only took me about an hour and a half to read. The other two books were graphic novels, and the audiobook was twelve episodes that ranged from about twenty minutes to  half an hour. Whereas The Ionian Mission and The Monuments Men are somewhat longer and denser. Nineveh And Its Remains is on the backburner, as I really want to be making notes while reading it (should be doing the same with The Monuments Men), and I am making notes while reading Twilight Of The Mind (which otherwise I would be making a lot more progress in).

A month or two ago (complete guess, I’m not good at tracking such things), my sister-in-law was whittling down her possessions, as she does from time to time. (Me, less so.) She asked if I wanted the Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 8 graphic novels that she didn’t want to hang on to any more.

Yes please!

A week or two ago (likely, but still a guess), the penultimate volume of the graphic novel of The Stand arrived (I only ordered it recently), and I pulled the Buffy off the shelf, intending to read them afterwards.

Didn’t happen. the two volumes have been sitting on my desk, unread, for longer than I would like. So after finishing Oldest’s library book (the Famous Five one, wanted to read it before it went back), I decided to read these.

First of all, these volumes being the first two collections of Season 8, there’s a lot more setup than resolution. (Checks the library system, yes the rest of the season is listed. Phew!)

The humour of the series (one-liners and all) continue intact. The odd wordages and slang of the characters also remains. This does feel like an authentic continuation. So do the outlandish situations, that the characters have to take very seriously. Like Dawn being made the size of Clifford The Big Red Dog.

Some of the characters have strained relationship, as happens, and some characters that you might not expect to recur from the series, do. In addition to that, there’s quite a few callbacks to events in the TV show.

Faith! Liked her in the TV shows, was nice having her back in No Future For You.

While I enjoy graphic novels, I do tend to have difficulties in telling sometimes, whether a character in one panel is the same character as one in another panel. I got this here a few times. Worse was when the visuals had to tell the story rather than the words: guess I’m more a words guy. Once or twice I had to go back over a sequence to figure out what happened.

I’ve put Volume 3 on hold at the library. There was the unfortunate possibility that Wolves At The Gate (collecting the original comics #11-15) was assumed to be the same as the Library Edition Volume 3 (collecting issues 21-30). We’ll see how that goes.

I’d say Season 8 got off to a good start.

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