Review: The Phoenix Conspiracy

This was the second audiobook I listened to, this reading program. When I added the books to my player, I didn’t remember what most of them were about. This was one of those I remembered nothing about.

The Phoenix Conspiracy by Richard L Sanders, on Podiobooks.

I’m a pretty big sci-fi fan, so it was nice when the book started and I found out (at least for the second time) that it was a sci-fi book.

Asari Raidan, the captain of a big military ship, is arrested and put on trial. Summers Presley, his second-in-command, feels betrayed because of what he did, but also because she had been kept in the dark. Calvin Cross, captain of the intel ship that located and arrested Raidan, wants to get to the bottom of why Raidan did what he did, and soon finds the trial, and his superiors, are trying to keep him from finding out.

I liked the story. Had a good number of twists, characters with different styles that either work well together or don’t. Different motivations and levels of trust.

One touch that I particularly liked, was the different shifts on Calvin’s ship. Basically three crews on rotation, which makes a lot of sense, but you don’t tend to see much.

At least once in Star Trek: The Next Generation you see the beginning of the day shift, and that changeover, but different shifts were never integrated in the story. The adventures only happened during the day. And Star Trek Voyager, Harry Kim got to run the night shift sometimes, because Nothing Happens At Night, Harry Never Sleeps, and who knows whatever happened to whoever was in command during Night Shift before. Maybe he forgot to make the coffee for Janeway to drink when she showed up on the Bridge for work.

Anyway, in this story, the different shifts are more integrated in the story, with Calvin being less familiar with the crew of shifts he’s not usually on duty for. I really like that.

The Phoenix Conspiracy was a good space fiction adventure.

The other thing I didn’t remember, was that this book was the first in a series. The fifth book is due to be released as an ebook in September, and the fourth as an audiobook soon, according to the author’s website.

Not a bad strategy, releasing the first book in the series for free, and charging for the other ones. Might be a while before I can get to the others, though.

There are some big questions left to be answered after the first book, and I’m kind of hoping we get to see Presley and Raidan interact before too long.

Always leave ’em wanting more, and that was a great start to the series.

The Phoenix Conspiracy at the author’s website.

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