Robot Movies And Unwell Kids

The day unexpectedly took a turn into kids-being-sick territory, and after a reprieve around the time of the evening meal it ventured back into that territory again.

Watched Age Of Ultron with the kids (and parents-in-law). Asked the older two, independently, which was scarier: Ultron, or being sick. Didn’t ask Youngest, he slept through most of the film. Hope he sleeps tonight.

Middlest didn’t think either Ultron or being sick were scary. This sounds very much like her, fearless little girl.

Oldest thought Ultron and being sick were just as scary as each other. This sounds like him, too, more on the sensitive side of things.

I noticed it more on the first watching, back when it was in the cinemas, but it’s rather tricky to make hordes of robots look distinct. I mean, all the Ultrons were very well done, but they didn’t look that different from those in I, Robot, and I was also reminded of the Terminators.

Shiny, red glowing lights. I, Robot, the robot army climbing the building, Ultron the robot army climbing the sides of the island in the sky.

I wonder where robot movies can go from here.

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