Service Book Editing

Father Dan visited on Thursday. We ended up not doing the Vespers service, but we got a lot of pointers on the parts we hadn’t been doing. Some wasn’t in the materials we had.

I wonder if we’ll settle into a time of “Well, we’ll learn this chunk next, and when we’ve got the hang of that, we’ll add another chunk”.

For example, there’s 8 Tones (a Tone could loosely be described as a Tune), but it seems that there are parts of the Vespers service where one might veer off into using a Tone other than the one that, in general, one ought to be using for that week.

So I wonder if we’ll spend some weeks sticking with One Tone Per Service until we’ve got the hang of some parts we’ve been skipping (it might not take all 8 weeks to figure it out).

After two songs in our sets of music, there was another song, that wasn’t mentioned in the white service book (I think they were mentioned in the red book, but I think one was truncated there). We found out another (related) song is supposed to slip in after another song, but it wasn’t in the sets of music, or mentioned in either service book. As the songs are related, we were told we could just repeat the first one.

Went hunting for that song today (I say “that song”, really there’s 8 of them, one for each Tone), found at least four sets of words, and at least three sets of music. One of the musics matched the Tones we’re already doing. I added the text of these into the with-Priesty version of the text-only service books I’ve been working on, and added some things based on notes I made on Thursday.

Got a bunch of changes to make on the other books (some the same as the ones I’ve made today, which should be straightforward).

Busy week ahead, getting ready for family coming, then family being here for a couple of weeks. Might be able to fit in some of that editing in the next couple of days anyway.

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