Service Book Update 2

After a while of wrangling with versions of words and musics, I came to a draft of the Reader Vespers book that I was fairly happy with. Then after wrestling with printer settings and the like, I got 3 copies printed.

The first copy was really tiny, but I managed to get the printer to do it 2-sided. The second copy, I missed the setting, or used a different program for printing on, or something, so that turned into 2 copies.

This has actually worked out for the services we’ve tried to use them at. I’ve kept the tiny copy for annotating, and the larger copies have been used by the more-in-charge people, for keeping track of all the extra bits.

Still a learning process, but I have annotated my copy a bunch, and so I’ve been updating my files to fix some issues.

Now my revised text is about ready, and I’ve started the prettification phase.

Rather than, like last time, kind of stabbing in the dark at settings to get the books to look all right in booklet form, I’m getting a crash course in Publisher, which understands this sort of thing.

My first attempt at pasting the text into Publisher was a disaster, text and page seemingly having no relation to each other. I figured out the text box thing, and making Publisher think in terms of booklet, and right paper size.

My wife, thankfully, has the eye for making such things look good, and the technical skill to know what things to play with to get the sort of results she wants. Following her directions, the first few pages are shaping up quite well. There’s some stylistic decisions to be made a bit further down the road, but the feeling of progress is always nice!

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