Service Book Update: Nearly There

The service book I’ve been working on, has passed through a bunch of version numbers as various little problems have surfaced (one of the most recent being a missing “us” in “forgive us our trespasses” in the Lord’s Prayer), and the formatting has had some tweakings, so in theory it’s easier to pick up again after skipping stuff (mainly the Tones you’re not doing that week).

Father Dan gave the thing a quick once-over today, and gave it a thumbs up. But then a part that has been slightly-problematic-but-we-kinda-got-used-to-it was pointed out, and so I inquired about how OK it was to modify that bit.

There’s a psalm that’s read early on in the service, 104 in the Western numbering, and the translation that’s in the service books we’ve been using is a bit awkward: the Thou/Thy isn’t so bad, but there’s places with “hast” rather than “has”, but then the rest of the text uses “did” rather than “didst”, and that sort of indecisiveness doesn’t help it just flow off the tongue.

We have some options, but we’ll probably stick with Thou and Thy, but more modern language for the rest.

There’s still some bits I think I’ll pick the others brains about:
“The mountains rose, the valleys sank down to the place which Thou did appoint for them. Thou did set a bound which they should not pass, so that they might not again cover the earth”
I wonder if “Thou appointed” might be better than “Thou did appoint”, and “Thou set a bound” without the did. That kind of thing.

So, nearly there, and I’m looking forward to when we can print off a bunch of copies of Version 1.0, the one we’re happy to use for the services. Version 0.9b and 0.9c both got labelled “Final Review”, I hope I can avoid a similarly-labelled 0.9d.

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