Service Book Update

This morning we went to K-Town. It sounds like Fr Dan’s first Sunday solo as a priest, last weekend, went smoothly, today seemed to as well.

This week, he’s joining us for our Vespers service, a meal, and probably some talking, finding out how we’re doing, and all that sort of thing.

I mentioned in an earlier post about how we’ve got into our own swing of Priest-less Vespers, but Vespers with a priest present hasn’t tended to go quite as smoothly. That there’s parts we’ve left out when we’re on our own because you need clergy present to do them, and parts we’ve had in the sets of music, but are only referred to in the white booklet, and we’ve concentrated on getting good at the stuff that’s just in the white book.

When writing up the stuff from the music sheets into the new service books I’m working on, there was one spot in particular that looked a bit complicated. Another look at it, a few days ago, makes it look like one of the pages was photocopied from two, so marginal notes that made it look complicated seem to be irrelevant. A clue that I missed last week was that the verses were written in caps and lower case, and the sung parts IN ALL CAPS. I noticed that, but not that the part that looked like it might be returning to a verse then back to the chorus, was written in the chorus format all the way through.

Phew, that makes things easier.

So today, in between chasing after children (there seemed to be rather a lot of that this afternoon and evening, I think every parent gets days like that), I was adding that stuff I wrote up last week, to the new Vespers service book.

That book had been customized to be as we regularly did it, so missing the Priesty parts. and now modified to include the extra stuff that we should start doing.

Last week, I typed up three things: the extra verses and responses to Lord, I Call, the Apostikha verses, and the Troparia. The Troparia are sometimes just a couple of words different from the Sunday versions, and I still need to figure out with People In Charge Of Music-y Stuff, which wording to go with.

there was one more Bit We’re Supposed To Do that wasn’t in the sets of music: the Prokeimena. Found the words in the red service book (which we generally don’t use: it’s slightly more complicated, and some of the wording is quite a bit different to the white book). No music there. Looked up music today: found at least 2 versions of the music, one with the same wording we have, and one with different wording. I’d looked up the Sunday prokeimenon music for the tone we’ll be using this week, let’s just say I’m glad I don’t have to make that tune fit these words. Anyway, also need to sort out with an In-Charge person which version of the music to use.

Figuring those couple of things out, and a couple of questions to Fr Dan about a couple of extra bits, should bring the new service books to just-about printable. They’ll need to be looked through to make sure I wrote everything right (hopefully nothing as bad as the “statues” in the current book that ought to be “statutes”), and some decisions about consistency with capitals (“Thy Cross” and “Thy Salvation” here, “Thy cross” and “Thy salvation” elsewhere in the source materials, that stuff needs sorted out), then hopefully I can set my designer wife to prettifying it (including consistencies with things that are CAPITALISED, italicised, and/or underlined), then we’re almost a Go.

Today, I also did a version with all the Priesty stuff added back in (typed the extra stuff in, and saved it separately. With a priest a lot more local, with the potential for joining us a lot more frequently, maybe we just want a Priesty version done. Maybe with markings and notes so people will know what to skip when he’s not here.

The part that does concern me a little, is that the number of people coming ot our service this week could put quite a strain on the number of service books we have to share, so will I want a copy of the book I’ve been working on, printed out? Any errors could stand out during actual use.

Lots to think about.

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