Sesame Street

Middlest loves getting to spend time on the Sesame Street site, she enjoys the videos and the games. They do spoofs of recent films that the kids probably shouldn’t have seen. They did The Hunger Games, and one that Middlest keeps referring to is “Jurassic Cookie” (a spin on Jurassic World).

I’m kind of surprised they haven’t spoofed the recent Mad Max. “Furry Road” seems like a gag they would find hard to pass up.

I, of course, remember growing up with Sesame Street, and other relatives before me. Even had some Sesame Street games ont he Atari: Alpha Beam With Ernie, Big Bird’s Egg Catch, and Cookie Monster Munch. The games on the site… well, let’s just say technology has come a long way.

When I was younger, I got a letter from Sesame Street.

I was terribly disappointed, I was expecting two letters and a number.

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