Star Wars With A Two-Year-Old

This evening I’ve been watching Star Wars with Youngest. We watched New Hope (original version, widescreen), and we’re in the middle of Return Of The Jedi (special edition, fullscreen, worst of all worlds :) ) right now.

It’s been fun watching with commentary by a 2-year-old. Initially lots of “oo dat?”s (“who’s that?”) and trying of names (“Chewbacca” was pretty cute, and he picked up “Chewie” from dialogue). “Dark Vader”, though since his mommy corrected him he’s been saying “Darth Vader” pretty well.

Some of the best ones have been unprompted, however. The speeder bikes a few minutes ago, were an entirely understandable “motorcycle!”.

He insists on calling R2-D2 “Dalek!”. At one point, both main droids were on screen, and I said “Artoo and C-3PO!” and the response was “No! Dalek!” At another point, R2 and a droid just like him, but black instead of blue, were on screen together. “Two Daleks!” You better watch out, R2, this guy’s onto you.

And in a case of “say what you see”, he was calling the original Death Star “watermelon!”

He was losing interest at the very end of Star Wars, but concentrated during the end credits (I think the music helped). He was then interested in another one, so I got Return Of The Jedi. The menu animation that first played, was of some Imperial ships. youngest declared that he was scared (“cared!”), but I told him it’s all right, there are teddy bears in this one. He cheered up at this. Thankfully, we reached that part in the movie. Interestingly, as I’d pointed out that the Ewok was scared when Leia took her helmet off, and pointed out when Luke picked it up, he was trying to keep track of where the helmet was after that point. Maybe continuity people need to start watching out, as well.

So there you go, some experience of Star Wars with a 2-year-old. For the most part, it kept him distracted enough to not go and mess up the project his mommy was working on, or to wake up everyone in the house. Now he’s gone, in theory, to get a good night’s sleep. As should I.

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