Sunday Adventures

So we went up to K-Town last Sunday and today (it’s still today for another hour and two minutes in the next time zone), preparing for Deacon Dan’s ordination to the Priesthood next week.

The new songs we have to learn, are really coming along. Or rather, the songs were already there, our learning of them is coming along.

I’m a bit… nervous isn’t the right word. I’m rather used to the Priest-less versions of Vespers and our Sunday service (Typika), and particularly with Vespers, it seem like we get a bit thrown for a loop when the Priest-y parts get thrown in, when one visits us. Spending time with K-Town, the stuff we are familiar with already, there’s some getting used to a different tempo.

Vespers with a Priest – one we’ve not done the Vespers service with before – is going to be different (hopefully we’ll do ok), but a Sunday service with rather a lot of priests plus a Bishop is rather outside the realm of experience for (I think) most of us – all of our group, and probably a lot of K-Town’s, too.

And there’s a few “If you see him do this, then do this” sort of instructions, which elicits a sort of “please please please let this go well” sort of reaction…

I’m looking forward to the service. I’m not sure I’m entirely confident about it, but fortunately the Bishop, visiting clergy and other guests, aren’t there to be critical.

For a lot of the rest of the day today, I’ve been working on a text-only version of the Sunday service. Version 1 is basically a copied version of what we do, and there were points I had some variations to work with (what a version of the service I’d typed up before said, as opposed to the version we use, and where the version we use has the same thing in a couple of places and there are slight variations).

Need to get this and the Vespers version I did the other week, checked over by a few people, get permission for artwork and so on, before I can put them on the Transfiguration site, but so far so good :)

One new song which I’m enjoying, is apparently also used as part of the wedding service. It’s called “Rejoice, O Isaiah”, and I haven’t immediately found the music in my brief Internet search. But I found the words on Orthodox Wiki (that wedding service link at the beginning of this paragraph), which if they’re different to what we’re singing are close enough (I did find some more varied ones):

Rejoice, O Isaiah! The Virgin is with child,
And shall bear a son Emmanuel,
Both God and Man,
And Orient is His Name,
Whom magnifying, we call the Virgin blessed.

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