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Some Family Stuff

A couple of bugs seem to have hit our house at the same time: a couple of people (including my lovely wife) got hit with a stomach bug of some sort, and Oldest (and now me) seem to have a cold-y sort of thing going on.

So last night I was walking Youngest around, humming to him and trying to get him to sleep, then the internet cut out, and I decided it would be better to take him to bed, than to wait til he fell asleep then try to blog. So now I’ve missed my second day since I started this blog, but I don’t feel too bad about it.

The cold started hitting me last night, and it hit me more today. Not major, but I can feel it in my head.

As my wife was rather under the weather yesterday, and was still easily tired today, we’ve been less demanding of the kids, schoolwork-wise. This mainly affects Oldest, who has been pushing for more laxity even though I’ve been giving him some.

After lunch, and after the after-lunch-tidying, I took the kids down for shows.

Yesterday we watched a couple of classic episodes of Thunderbirds (which greatly pleased Youngest, though the one thing that he’ll settle in front of the most, seems to be the 2004 Thunderbirds movie).

Today we watched a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, and a classic Doctor Who.

I gave Middlest the first season of Friendship Is Magic for her birthday recently. Today Youngest brought it to me and said (as best he could), “Strawberry Shortcake” (the current version of which Middlest really likes). I told him, “My Little Pony”. He’s only two, but a few minutes later he showed it to me again and said, “Your Little Pony”. “My little pony?” I replied. “Yes.” He often puts an “a” between words (or as substitute for part of them – he was introduced to the end of The Great Escape earlier, and “Mo-cycle Guy” is also known as “Teve a-Queen”). So next time he tried to say “Your Little Pony” there was an “a” in there. “I’m a little pony?” I ask.

Apparently I am.

A while ago I started watching Doctor Who through from the beginning with Oldest (and sometimes Middlest, too). We’ve been going pretty slowly, and we just skipped Marco Polo (the reconstruction-with-photos version on YouTube didn’t hold their attention at all), so we started on the first episode of The Keys Of Marinus.

I was struck with the similarities to the opening section of The Daleks (no-one around, environment more dangerous than they thought, Susan has to go back to the Tardis, there’s a mysterious city… seriously, Terry Nation was plagiarised. Wait, who wrote Marinus? Some guy called Terry Nation. Wow, even plagiarised his name).

In the meantime, the dark Voords creeping about with knives, and everyone disappearing separately into the revolving citadel walls, was entirely too much for Middlest (6), who wasn’t easily comforted, and when things started tensing up again towards the end, had to hide under a blanket. Just as well, too…

After that episode, we didn’t watch anything else. But for a while, Youngest was going round proclaiming, “Doc Oo cawy” (“Doctor Who scary”, with 2-yo pronunciation).

Middlest was wearing a white shirt today, with a gold star pattern on the front. A couple of times, I referred to it as being blue and black, after that dress meme from a few months ago (if you remember that). The second time, she heard it, not recalling the meme, saying “no, yours!” pointing at my black-and-purple shirt.

Close enough.

My kids are so funny.

And Middlest will be sitting out Hartnell-era Who for a while. Though, the rate we’re going, she might be good for Season 2.

The Late Roger Rees

It’s on my news feed today, that the actor Roger Rees died yesterday at the age of 71.

Roger Rees on IMDB

I’ve probably seen him in Cheers, but haven’t seen enough of that recently enough to remember. He became embedded in my memory from his playing the Sheriff in Robin Hood: Men In Tights.

Much more recently, I’ve particularly noticed him as Lord Marbury in The West Wing and MacPherson in Warehouse 13.

A couple of years ago, David Bradley played William Hartnell in a dramatization of the early years of making Doctor Who, called An Adventure in Space and Time.

In the Doctor Who story The Five Doctors, Richard Hurndall played the First Doctor, as Hartnell had died by that point. Reece Shearsmith played Patrick Troughton at the end of An Adventure in Space and Time.

Seeing Roger Rees’s performances, think his shouty in Men In Tights, his physical comedy in The West Wing, the intensity in Warehouse 13 – often a bad guy, often an air of comedy, or at least twinkling.

With Hurndall’s precedent of a different actor playing a Doctor in an official TV story, Rees was my number one pick to stand in for the Second Doctor. He wouldn’t have been a bad choice to be a Doctor in his own right.

So many bright lights going out at the moment. I enjoyed your work, Roger.

Let me know: what roles did you enjoy Mr Rees in?
Also, what actors would you pick if you were to recast old Doctors?