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Late night child distraction

Was looking after Youngest, and hoping he would sleep. He still isn’t (as I write this), but my wife is home and has him, now.

He’s into cars, and I’ve distracted him with car videos before, but he also likes horse toys. he likes holding them up to peoples’ faces, and roaring (pretending that it’s the horses that are roaring – alo works for dinosaurs).

I managed to distract him with a “horse movie” a week or so ago (The Magnificent Seven – horses are on screen for a large proportion of the movie). After Doctor Who (The Power Of Three) and The Lego Movie (both of which he chose – well, I chose which DW, but he chose the DW) failed to distract him, I thought I’d try something else. Something that I knew had horses, and that I would want to re-watch.

Didn’t have much brain-space to try and remember the episode, with the very-nearly-2-year-old that wanted to wander into peoples’ rooms, go downstairs, get into the fridge, look out the front door for cars, trucks, and his Mommy, so I did a search (with my free hand) for “by my pretty floral bonnet”. Ah, Our Mrs Reynolds, of course.

Hadn’t remembered a bunch of the cutaway shots. Or that quite so many of the most brilliant lines were from that episode. Youngest loved the horses in that opening scene, and at the end of the credits.

Wife hadn’t got home, so we watched Jaynestown, too. There’s a song in that one, and he enjoyed that, but was losing interest by the end. Put the disc away, shut down that computer, then by good timing, wife got home.

Time for me to nap, too. Isn’t that special.