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Independence Day and stuff

Days like today are always fun on Facebook.

One meme doing the rounds today is the British Union Flag, captioned “HAPPY TREASON DAY, UNGRATEFUL COLONIALS”.

It is a tragedy that many of the things the American colonists fought against, have slowly been re-implemented by the American government, not really mattering which mafia family political party is in control. Each time I see an example of this, I just don’t get it, America is basically saying Britain was right all along.

But enough of this, and on to happier things.

A friend of mine decided to watch the movie Independence Day today, and is already deciding to make it a yearly event. And what a fun movie. Corny, cheesy, jingoistic, perhaps even cliché, but definitely fun. I once watched it In German (in Germany). I had the fullscreen video at home, and my German host had it in widescreen. I didn’t understand most of the German as such, but I knew enough of the film for it to not really matter, and it was just better in widescreen.

Line that comes to mind most often: “All right, you alien assholes!”. I had “Welcome to Earth!” as a CAPTCHA today. And last year, I posted to Facebook a screenshot of the classic White House Blowing Up scene, for the 4th of July.

This year, I posted an image that is a very strong symbol of independence:

The good ship Serenity

It also works as an image to represent the other event of the day: my ninth wedding anniversary.

Still flyin’.

A raise of the glass, a tip of the hat, a nod of the head, the most casual of salutes to all of you out there who want to gather your crew, head your own direction, and live without much in the way of interference from folk who have no real vested interest in your lives. Keep flying.

Image taken from The Train Job.