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Lego Dimensions

It’s been a long time since I was taking much notice in the cutting edge of games. Command & Conquer from Tiberian Sun to about Red Alert 2. Star Trek Armada. Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri.

The most recent game I got that was particularly current was LEGO Marvel Superheroes for DS, and it had already reached the dropping-in-price stage when I got it.

But somehow, this year I’ve been faced with a few trailers from E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo. The Final Fantasy VII Remake has me drooling for it and the PS4 (also waiting for some more information about Final Fantasy XV, for that same system).

Backwards-compatibility and several games also have me drooling for the PS3. PS4 doesn’t really do backwards-compatibility (although it’s been more prevalent in the last few years, not putting 2 or more machines in 1 isn’t exactly unfair).

So the other game I’ve seen trailers for, is LEGO Dimensions: similarly to The LEGO Movie, breaks down barriers between different Lego worlds (and licenses).

I had to investigate exactly what it is, because the quickest explanation is “It’s like Disney Infinity”, and though I’ve seen trailers for Disney Infinity, I don’t really know what that is, either.

You get the Starter Pack, which contains a gadget that plugs into your console to make the game work. It has the platform-specific version of the game, and some characters and a vehicle to make the game work. And some Lego for decoration.

You go through the game with the characters that you have.

You can buy extra packs with more characters, vehicles and even levels for the game.

I looked at Amazon for what was available for pre-order, and Wikipedia for everything that was announced.

Right now the Starter Pack for PS3 or PS4 is $99.96, some other systems were 99.99, the full retail price.

Level packs with extra levels and extra characters are currently 29.99, there are 4 listed of those.

Team packs with 2 characters and 2 vehicles are 24.99, there are 4 listed of those.

Fun packs with 1 character and 1 vehicle are 14.96, there are 24 listed of those.

The idea is that more can be added as time goes on, and I would imagine that some characters and packs would be less popular and so their price will drop, but if you were going to get everything that’s currently listed (though not all of it will be available when the starter becomes available), at retail price (or just-about for the PlayStations), you’re in for a few cents shy of $679.

Plus the console, if you don’t already have one.

So you know.