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Geoff Lawton

Anybody who’s interested in growing plants of any kind should be interested in Geoff Lawton.

Modern agriculture has a lot of problems: monocropping which attracts lots of pests, various sprays which kill the bacterial and fungal life in the soil, pollinating insects and so on.

Weeds are often pioneering species to help rehabilitate the soil, and so we try to kill those, too, leaving commercial products which aren’t as nutritious as they used to be, and dusty soil, which blows away with the wind, with ploughing, and washes away with rain.

I came across Geoff Lawton through The Survival Podcast, which I started listening to before its 50th episode (I don’t remember how I came across it, though). Jack, TSP’s host, came across Lawton’s Greening The Desert video on YouTube, and has since developed a friendship.

Geoff’s site now has a stack of videos, which teach how to create abundant food systems, in your back yard, or on any other property you happen to have access to.

He’ll show you how to put different kinds of plants together for their mutual benefit, techniques to build soil, to keep water on your land longer or to get it to where you want it, so many techniques and concepts that will scale to different sizes, he’ll show you many places where it’s all been put into practice.

You have to enter your email to get a password to access all the content, but he doesn’t spam you (he’ll let you know when a new video’s up). The content’s worth that extra step.

Some of the videos are kind of marketed towards those who are worried about “the coming collapse” – whether that be the unsustainable nature of modern agriculture revealing itself to be a Big Problem, the ongoing financial turmoils in the world manifesting as a sudden collapse, that sort of thing. If you’re not in that target demographic, don’t let that put you off, it’s just a bit of polish on top of information you’ll find much more valuable.

do your bit to enrich the world. The more we do, the less we’ll need to pillage it.