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A Game Night

Tonight we had a game night. We haven’t had one in quite a while, and it was relatively short notice, so our guest lineup was shaken up a bit (also, family visiting from England will throw that for a bit of a loop, too).

Shortly before people came, I was trying to brush up on the rules for Captains Of Industry, which I’ve been looking forward to playing for a long time (indeed, it’s been sitting in a prominent spot for a while), but in the end it didn’t seem like the right time to introduce a game that complicated. Maybe another time.

I brought up Catan, Dominion and Ticket To Ride from the basement, and we ended up not playing any of those, either.

I talked to one of the guests about the last game I Kickstarted, whose arrival I’m looking forward to: Bomb Squad. Co-operative but seeming to avoid the problem with games like Pandemic, of one player dominating (“here, you do this, you do this, then I can do this…”).

I know two games, brought by one set of guests, were played on a table I was not at. One was a trivia one, and some answers floated from our table to theirs.

The first game I played was Firefly Clue. I’d played it once before and enjoyed it. The last time, I’d just figured out whodunnit, and that was enough to tip the game’s owner to the same information and she won.

This time, I’d pretty much concluded the What, was pretty sure on the Who, and I’d lucked into the Where on my last guess, but that was enough to tip my mother off onto the right answers, so she got to the centre square and won.

Seems like you need a bit more space on the answer sheets, to write down who asked about what, who answered about what, and who has what, to keep better track.

The next game I played was Love Letter, which I was introduced to not long ago. We played nearly two games: the first game, I was in the lead with three cubes and only needed one to go, then one player had to go and another joined, so we started scoring from scratch. The second game, then, the new player, my sister-in-law, convincingly won.

We talked about playing Templar intrigue next, but there weren’t seven people free to play it with (7-10 players). There were still enough adults in the room to play it, but kid-wrangling was still going on, so we have to save this for another time.

The last game we played with guests, The Game Of Things. One player reads the text on a card (“Things you should not teach your pet to do”, “Things that don’t last very long”, “Things you shouldn’t do on a first date”, and so on), and all the players write something that fits with what the card said. The person who read the card reads the answers, and the next player has to guess who wrote what. If they get one wrong, the next player guesses, and so on, until everyone knows who wrote what (the player reading doesn’t guess, so the handwriting doesn’t give it away).

That was a pretty funny game, particularly as it was getting late, and people were verging into getting punchy and silly. Seems a good one to have on hand to be able to pull out.

We then chatted a bit about games we liked the sound of but haven’t tried. Currently on my radar of games I’d like to try and possibly even get, are Firefly The Game, and T.I.M.E. Stories. And I liked the story behind the creation of Euphoria: Build A Better Dystopia.

It sounds like we might get Love Letter in the household at some point, too.

The last game I tried, after all our guests had gone, was one my sister (and brother-in-law, and niece) had left for my kids. My wife had played it with Oldest (I think my mother-in-law played some with them, too). It was called Loopin’ Louie. A crazed pilots flies round and round, trying to knock your chickens down. You can make him pull up when he gets close to you. Sounds like the kids enjoyed it, I played it against my wife, and it seems you might be able to learn how hard to hit i and exactly when, to make the plane come down again in exactly the right place. On the other hand, it keeps a fairly even playing field between the kids and grown-ups.

A good, fun, night.

Remember: games are good for you, but don’t eat too many at once.

Independence Day and stuff

Days like today are always fun on Facebook.

One meme doing the rounds today is the British Union Flag, captioned “HAPPY TREASON DAY, UNGRATEFUL COLONIALS”.

It is a tragedy that many of the things the American colonists fought against, have slowly been re-implemented by the American government, not really mattering which mafia family political party is in control. Each time I see an example of this, I just don’t get it, America is basically saying Britain was right all along.

But enough of this, and on to happier things.

A friend of mine decided to watch the movie Independence Day today, and is already deciding to make it a yearly event. And what a fun movie. Corny, cheesy, jingoistic, perhaps even cliché, but definitely fun. I once watched it In German (in Germany). I had the fullscreen video at home, and my German host had it in widescreen. I didn’t understand most of the German as such, but I knew enough of the film for it to not really matter, and it was just better in widescreen.

Line that comes to mind most often: “All right, you alien assholes!”. I had “Welcome to Earth!” as a CAPTCHA today. And last year, I posted to Facebook a screenshot of the classic White House Blowing Up scene, for the 4th of July.

This year, I posted an image that is a very strong symbol of independence:

The good ship Serenity

It also works as an image to represent the other event of the day: my ninth wedding anniversary.

Still flyin’.

A raise of the glass, a tip of the hat, a nod of the head, the most casual of salutes to all of you out there who want to gather your crew, head your own direction, and live without much in the way of interference from folk who have no real vested interest in your lives. Keep flying.

Image taken from The Train Job.

Late night child distraction

Was looking after Youngest, and hoping he would sleep. He still isn’t (as I write this), but my wife is home and has him, now.

He’s into cars, and I’ve distracted him with car videos before, but he also likes horse toys. he likes holding them up to peoples’ faces, and roaring (pretending that it’s the horses that are roaring – alo works for dinosaurs).

I managed to distract him with a “horse movie” a week or so ago (The Magnificent Seven – horses are on screen for a large proportion of the movie). After Doctor Who (The Power Of Three) and The Lego Movie (both of which he chose – well, I chose which DW, but he chose the DW) failed to distract him, I thought I’d try something else. Something that I knew had horses, and that I would want to re-watch.

Didn’t have much brain-space to try and remember the episode, with the very-nearly-2-year-old that wanted to wander into peoples’ rooms, go downstairs, get into the fridge, look out the front door for cars, trucks, and his Mommy, so I did a search (with my free hand) for “by my pretty floral bonnet”. Ah, Our Mrs Reynolds, of course.

Hadn’t remembered a bunch of the cutaway shots. Or that quite so many of the most brilliant lines were from that episode. Youngest loved the horses in that opening scene, and at the end of the credits.

Wife hadn’t got home, so we watched Jaynestown, too. There’s a song in that one, and he enjoyed that, but was losing interest by the end. Put the disc away, shut down that computer, then by good timing, wife got home.

Time for me to nap, too. Isn’t that special.