The Best Laid Plans Of Mice

Well, it’s been rather a long time since I declared my intent to work on posts for my intended new site. When I declared that, my hope was to work towards a post a day (which would be a great idea). Today, I believe I have completed the first post.

Now, some days I’ve been able to put more effort in than others, and it would be selfish to not help kids with their schoolwork, or to not let my wife get on with her own project (I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’ve been entirely unselfish, however). Plus this blog takes time (good writing practice, though)….

Anyway. That first post was, I believe, as thorough as I could make it, without emailing a bunch of people for extra information, and probably having to pay through the nose for it, and without learning at least Latin, and probably at least one obscure form of English, and learning to read some peculiar (to my eyes) handwriting styles.

That being said, I found one source that had some footnotes, then when examining those footnotes I discovered some major inadequacies and had to go on a big search hunt, which yielded another source (of potential future value) with better (but not perfect) footnotes, went through a table of abbreviations to discover meanings, more searching for a stack of original documents, some of which were readily available and some much less so, and so on. And then the original source has abbreviated footnotes, with nowhere obvious to explain the abbreviations, making looking them up unfruitful.

It was fun, and I found out a lot (I like to think I’ve learned some things, too), and some of the work ought to take some of the load off of some future entries.

So yeah, an entry a day, definitely ambitious. An entry a week might be something to aim for, if they’re going to be that comprehensive. Just looking at what I had to start with, this entry didn’t look like it would be a lot of work. There are some that look like they will be a bit less, but then there’s some that look like they will be a lot more. It will be interesting to see how accurate such predictions turn out to be.

I started with a small portion of a very wide field, and I think this portion is, if not particularly organised, blessed with some structures that assist research. Branching out to other parts of the field seems like a long way off (though perhaps I should do some alternating, as some of those other portions seem more in need of the help), but I’m already trying to think about how those will work.

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