The Future Is The Past, Harvest, And Early Christmas

A varied day today. The kids seem more themselves, though not quite up to full wellness. Youngest is closest to being entirely well.

The second-hand TV has been acting up. We’re still trying to see if we can figure out a cause. Today we tested out a theory as to whether it was related to volume: it’s cut out a few times in the end credits of a particular show, which are kinda boomy, and it got upset partway through Age Of Ultron during a big booming fight, it wasn’t happy a few weeks ago during “Let It Go”, when watching Frozen. When it ran for most of the day up here, we had the volume down. Long story short, plugged the Audio Out from the TV into the stereo, turned the volume off on the TV, and it still cut out after about half-an-hour of Frozen (one day, we’ll finish watching the Blu-Ray).

The weather is turning cold, so today there was a mass picking of the tomatoes and squash that were still growing in the back yard. some of the squashes were longer than the kids’ arms, and might even have been wider than my own. And there turned out to be a pretty large haul of tomatoes. While they were being picked, there was the occasional whoosh of pest-attacked tomatoes being thrown across to the other side of the yard.

A few nights ago (the 21st, in fact), was Back To The Future Day. Jimmy Kimmel had the characters of Doc Brown and Marty McFly show up on his show, with cameos by Huey Lewis, and Biff Henderson, long-time stage manager on the Letterman show, which ended recently. A reference is made to the recent news that Future Biff on Back To The Future 2 was based on Donald Trump.

Looking up Thomas F Wilson, who played Biff, Griff and “Mad Dog” Tannen in the BTTF movies, his main focus now is being a painter, though he does still do acting work. His Wikipedia page says he was invited to play acoustic guitar by Relient K, when they appeared on Jay Leno. My wife said she’d be interested to see that, so I looked it up. The video I found was someone filming their TV, not very steadily, and the picture on the TV is often in closeup on the left side of the stage, but a couple of minutes in, there he is, way over on the right.

Merry Christmas!

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