Waltz For The Moon

Yesterday’s post was intended to be a quick one, but fact-checking led me to a far more detailed analysis, which took far longer. After finishing the half-season of Agents Of Shield this evening, I was getting very close to falling asleep during Deep Space Nine.

The Alternate, the episode wasn’t bad, I was just exhausted. The effects were, erm, primitive.

So now I think about something quick to write about this evening (as the internet goes down, hopefully temporarily for maintenance).

One of the things I talk about on here fairly regularly, is Final Fantasy. Most games in the series are self-contained, but it can get confusing to a casual observer when there are direct sequels. For example, Final Fantasy XI is not a sequel to Final Fantasy X, but Final Fantasy X-2 is.

Final Fantasy VIII is one of those games that attracts mixed reviews. The lead character, Squall, is a bit of a self-imposed social exile, so his unwillingness to engage other characters more than he has to, makes it difficult for some to connect with him. And some people didn’t like the timey-wimey ending.

There’s a video from the game, which I think is pretty popular. Squall’s at his graduation, there’s a dance going on, and he’s standing off to the side. A girl, Rinoa, who soon afterwards becomes a main character, convinces him to dance.

It’s interesting to watch the progression from completely inept, through moderately incompetent, to actually pretty good. Our Squall’s a quick learner. And how he tries to give up a couple of times.

I like the music. The track is called “Waltz For The Moon”. This uses the same basic tune as the main song of the game, “Eyes On Me”, but with a completely different flow.

If you watch this, you’ll notice that the song isn’t completely grammatically correct English. It was written by a Japanese guy, for a Japanese-originated game, so I don’t have a problem with giving some slack there. The song is actually about two other characters in the game: Laguna and Julia. Julia was a singer, who Laguna kept going to see, but kept failing to talk to. Then circumstances diverged their paths, and Julia had a hit with that song she wrote about them.

I love the line, “Did you ever know, that I had mine on you”. I also like “I’m more than the dress and the voice”. I almost wanted to hear that line on The Voice, back when I was watching it.

So there you go, two versions of a catchy little tune, connecting two stories in the game.

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